AmVETS 2256 honor guard
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Honor Guard

The AMVETs Honor Guards perform at military funerals, march in parades, visit local schools, place flags at cemeteries, and help support scholarships for our students.

The Honor Guard began in 1993 under the guidance of Jim Dixon and Charlie Johnson. Until they had actual rifles, the first members of the Honor Guard practiced with pool cues! Funded by dinners, breakfasts and other donations, the Honor Guard has been proud to claim that is has always been self-sufficient.

The Honor Guard of AmVets Post 2256 began January 1994. Since the beginning, the Honor Guard has participated in approximately 70 military funerals each year in the Pickaway County area. The Honor Guard performs this valuable service for our deceased veterans no matter the weather, demonstrating their amazing dedication to honoring their fallen comrades in arms.

The Honor Guard has traveled as many as 1500 miles in a single year to participate in this final honor to proud military veterans.

The Honor Guard has also orchestrated the flag program, which has involved every school in Pickaway County.

In 2004, the Honor Guard began the Bobby L. Bobbitt Memorial Scholarship, which helps outstanding Pickaway County students continue with their education and career goals.

2015 Honor Guard Activities
  • Performed 73 military furnerals
  • Traveled 1724 miles, averaging over 24 miles per funeral
  • Averaged 9 Honor Guard members per funeral
  • Had 821 funeral attendees
  • Earned 850 volunteer hours with AmVets state funeral program

The Honor Guard is in need of more volunteers! Even if you are still working, or cannot attend every funeral, we need your help! There is no required amount of time, only what you can comfortably give.

Contact Bob Meenach at (740) 474-7601